8 Super Important Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

If you haven’t started anything or if you don’t have a real understanding of what affiliate marketing is, then you can start here and come back later.

I’ll wait.

So, in this post, I will list a few tips and mistakes to avoid to help you get on your feet without messing anything up.


Who is This Intended For?

Well, the title said affiliate marketing tips for beginners, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is only for beginners.

  • If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, then this is for you
  • If you are having trouble starting and/or running your affiliate marketing business, then this is for you
  • If you are thinking of getting into affiliate marketing, then this is for you
  • Even if you’ve already started and just checking what’s out there, then please, read on 🙂

OK, Why should I listen to you, Julian?

You’re probably asking. Right? Maybe. But I’m gonna answer it anyway.

In my first few months in online and affiliate marketing, I kinda did a bunch of sh*t wrong and a lot of other sh*t I wasn’t supposed to do.

And pretty much wasted the first few months. But at least I learned the hard way, eh?

And that is the stuff I wanna share with you here, so you won’t make the same stupid mistakes I made.

8 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Below, I will list 8 affiliate marketing tips for beginners in no particular order. They’re all pretty important.

1. Stick to Your Niche! Try Not to Post Anything Irrelevant on Your Site

The first thing I wanna share is this one, don’t post anything irrelevant. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say your site is in the “PS4 shooter games” niche. Your target audience would probably be guys between 14 to 35+ years old, right?

OK, and let’s say one day you post an article about how to make money on the internet. How do you think that would look in the eyes of a PS4 gamer?

You would look something like a spammer, right? And your readers, if you have any, probably wouldn’t wanna come back to your site. I mean, would you?

How about with the search engines…? (Your main source of traffic) How do you think that would look to them?

But let’s say you end up ranking on the first page for the term “how to make money on the internet.” That keyword alone gets about 5000 searches every month (on average).

And outta those 5000 people searching for that term, 500 people might come to your blog. Do you think they would even click on your link (in the search engine results page)?

Probably not because your domain name and URL would probably look something like “shooterfreaks.com” and that would obviously be a blog on video games. So why would people, who are looking to make money online, click on a domain that is clearly for gamers?

But let’s say they do, for some weird reason, maybe they didn’t notice it.


So they land on your page, read a few lines, and notice a big picture of a Call of Duty poster on your sidebar. If that were me, I’d be thinking wtf, right?

And they probably wouldn’t even read your “make money online” article. Why would they? Your blog is about video games (haha).

So don’t post any junk on your site.

  1. Google looks for relevancy
  2. And it would just be a big waste of time

2. Do NOT Worry About Making Money Right Away

Focus on setting up and getting traffic to your site. If you think you can make money right away (I’m talking days/weeks) you’re not.

Why? Because you won’t have any traffic. No traffic, no money. Wait til you start seeing a decent amount of visitors.

Don’t believe me? Peep this…

When I first started my first website, I was putting banner ads all of my website and putting like 10+ affiliate links inside my.posts and pages. And everyday I would check the stats hoping someone comes to my site and buys the stuff I was promoting.

Haha…my site looked liked a mini Amazon! Not a pretty look.

I did this for about 3 months and made a whopping $0. I didn’t even have 5 clicks! And that wasn’t even the worst part…

I had, all together, 10 articles (and that’s not including my about and privacy policy pages).

So 10 super low quality articles with about 300 words each and a plethora of affiliate links, plus 3 months of work, equals a big waste of time.

On that third month I finally got the picture. I finally knew what I was doing wasn’t gonna work.

So you know what I did? Yup. I cleaned up. I updated my content, deleted all my affiliate links, took down the ugly banner ads and Amazon widgets, and started creating more quality stuff.

Within 3 weeks I made my first sale. Pretty sweet, huh?

So, if you think you can make money right off the bat, think again. No traffic, no sales.

3. And When You Are Ready to Start Making Money, Don’t Promote/Recommend and Sell Anything You Wouldn’t Want

Promoting lousy, low quality products and services to your visitors won’t do any good. Why? Refunds and you can lose visitors for good.

Just because a product or service has a high price tag, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re of high quality.

Let me give you an example of what can happen if you promote and sell junk on your site.

Say you have a site in the lose weight niche. You have about daily 200 visitors and are now looking for a product to recommend them.

And you find a weight loss pill with a price tag of $300. You promote it on your site without doing any research. You’re just anxious to get a piece of that $300.

After the first month of promoting, you find out you’ve made $500 in commission sales. But then later find out that the pill have bad side effects.

The company that sells these pills lose their whole business and you, the affiliate, looks super bad because of them.

And the people that bought from you goes out and tells everybody you did what you did.

How do you think that would make you look? Pretty bad, right? You’d probably get no more traffic to your site.

Lol. OK, maybe that won’t happen. But it could. Here’s another thing that can happen (and it happens a lot):


People always get their money if they are not happy with their orders. Most companies online offer money back guarantees.

So the next time you’re looking for a product or service to promote, look for quality, not big price tags. Your readers will love you and come back for more.

4. Focus on Helping Your Audience

Oh yes. This is the most important part to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

If you really, and I mean really, help your visitors, you’ll see more success.

This applies to any niche. Everybody needs help, everybody has problems you can solve, all you gotta do is figure what that problem is.

For example:

Me, I’m in the marketing niche. What problems am I solving? How am I helping you?

  • I help you with a way to make money online
  • I help you learn affiliate marketing

See. Like that.

And that’s my number one goal here, to help you be successful online.

You want another example? Sure. Take a look at my controller site. Who am I helping and how am I helping them?

I help gamers find affordable controllers. Right?

You get it? Alright.

5. Stick to ONE Project

Here’s another mistake I made when I first started out. Wanna hear it? Ok…

My first blog was in the video game controller niche. As mentioned above, all I did in the first few months was creating low quality content and stuffing affiliate links and banners.

But I didn’t only do that with just one site (project). I created 3 sites, all with low quality junk and ugly banners.

And let me tell ya, all that “work” (if you can call it that) was a lot of hard work (haha).

So I did this for 3 months straight without even doing much work. But it still felt like hard work because I was in my beginner stages.

What if I stuck with just that controller blog? I probably would have gotten a lot more work done, right? It probably wouldn’t have took that much time, 4 months, to get my first sale.

Just thinking about it now, damn, all that time gone to waste.

So please, take my advice, stick to one site. You’ll be way better off.

And when you start getting more experienced, you can have a bunch of affiliate sites making you $1000’s each every month.

6. Start Out With Writing Product & Service Reviews and Don’t Copy & Paste Anything

Reviews are great for affiliate marketing websites and blogs because you will not look like a salesperson. Instead of writing a whole page trying to sell your promotion, write reviews.

Believe me. You’ll look a lot better. You’ll actually look like a friend (to your readers) helping out a friend recommending quality products and warning them about the scammy stuff.

Not sure about how to write product reviews? See my post on writing reviews.

And when you start writing reviews on your site, don’t copy and paste other peoples’ reviews, or product descriptions, or anything. 

Why? Duplicate content. Google (and other search engines) hate that stuff. That’s one of their biggest no-no’s. And if search engines are gonna be your main source of traffic, you better follow their rules.

7. Understand That This is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Lol. I’m sure you’ll always see and hear this. I always say this too. And this probably falls into the “making money right away” part, but I’m still gonna say a few words about it.

Yeah, so affiliate marketing, and online business in general (or any business), always needs time to grow. You know that, right?

Yeah, well this online stuff is just like any other business. And if you get that and treat your blogs like that you can get pretty far.

But this other guy told me that I can make money online fast!…

That, my friend, is a so called “guru.” They’re all over the internet. They brainwash people who know nothing about online marketing.

I was actually one of those people who got brainwashed (haha). Yeah, in my early days, when I first learned about making money online I really believed that there was a magic money machine somewhere so I bought product after product for about a year til I finally got the picture. Haha it’s pretty embarrassing.

8. Keep Working

two thumbs up for affiliate tips

Just because you’ve made your first sale, doesn’t mean you’re done. A website/blog is never finished. Another mistake I made with my first sites.

Yeah, remember the controller site? I only had 10 articles all together and I thought I was done. That was actually the main reason why I created a couple more. Hahaha! So dumb, eh?

But yeah, a site is never done. There will always be something you can improve, fresh content (like comparison reviews) you can add, there is always something.

Let’s Recap

Let’s go over what we just went through:

  • Stick with your niche – don’t post anything irrelevant
  • Focus on creating quality content and getting traffic first – don’t waste your time trying to make a quick buck
  • Don’t sell or promote garbage – you’ll lose a lot of readers if you do
  • Focus on HELPING your readers – this will build trust (cha ching!)
  • Start with writing product reviews – this will get you some traffic
  • Stick with ONE website (first) – having multiple blogs is very hard work!
  • Don’t think that you can make money fast – this takes some time and a lot of work
  • Stay motivated!
If you haven’t started, check this out.

One More Thing…

If you ever feel like giving up, or if you know you’re always making mistakes:

Look for help.

Here’s the place where it all started for me:

They’ve got quality support – from the 2 owners / co-founders – from the 100,000’s of community members (some of them are real experts) – and, of course, me.

They also have quality training. And it’s totally free to become a member.

So yeah, if you ever need help with your blog – think about joining Wealthy Affiliate (check out my review here).

Do you have any affiliate marketing tips and experiences you would like to share with all the beginners?

Or maybe you’re a person who is just starting out any you’ve got some questions?

If you have anything you would like to share or a question you would like to ask, just leave a comment below. I read everything.

Note: For some fresh affiliate marketing tips, go check out our new post that features 33 of them.


Julian is a blogger, an affiliate, and a niche explorer. He loves everything in internet marketing. He also runs other blogs, such as Blogging Aid, where you can go to learn how to take your blog to the next level. You can also find him sharing tips and resources on Twitter. So check him out.

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