Learn Affiliate Marketing From These 24 Top Blogs

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Learn Affiliate Marketing from these Top 24 Blogs

We both know that affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn income online.

We also know that it takes money to learn.

But what you might not know is that you can learn affiliate marketing for free.

Yeah, that’s right.

There are a lot of blogs out there that offer free affiliate marketing training and guides to their readers.

“OMG! Really?”


Some blogs, though, have a lot of outdated or misleading information. Which can cost people, who don’t know much about affiliate marketing, a lot of time and money.


In this post, I am going to show you 24 affiliate marketing blogs that you can go to for inspiration, motivation, and most importantly – to learn affiliate marketing for free.

So let’s get started.

Learn Affiliate Marketing From These 24 Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Note: The list of blogs are in alphabetical order.

2 Create a WebsiteLisa Irby

Lisa Irby is the woman behind this amazing blog that teaches its readers how to build a website and earn money through affiliate marketing (and other income streams).

Lisa’s been earning a living online since ’06. So obviously, she knows what she’s talking about.

Adam Riemer MarketingAdam Riemer

Adam Riemer Marketing offers digital marketing services. But that’s not why he’s on this list.

Riemer is on this list of 20 affiliate marketing blogs because of his blog. Particularly the affiliate section.

His affiliate blog dates back to November ’09 and is made up of more than 140 blog posts. So there is a lot to learn here.

Adam Riemer has been in the marketing game for more than a decade. So that must mean he knows his stuff, right? Oh, for sure.

Affiliate Marketer TrainingMike Rogers

AMT was created by Michael Rogers, and is the newest resource on this list.

Despite being less than a few years old, Mike has grown his blog to 300 posts. That’s freakin’ impressive.

Most of AMT’s posts are in the affiliate marketing category, but all are related to affiliate marketing success.

Tip: Mike Rogers’ Free Affiliate Marketer Guide is insane!

Affiliate TipShawn Collins

AffiliateTip is a great blog for affiliates to follow. It’s not exactly a blog where you can go to learn affiliate marketing from.

It’s basically an affiliate marketing news blog owned by a super affiliate and internet marketer, Shawn Collins.

However, Shawn created a resource for newcomers – Extra Money Answer. And this is something great for someone who doesn’t really know a thing about making money with affiliate marketing.

Shawn is also the co-owner of Affiliate Summit, the biggest affiliate conference in the world.

AM NavigatorGeno Prussakov

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov founded AM Navigator in ’07 to help merchants by managing their affiliate programs.

So why is Geno on this list?

Just because he helps merchants doesn’t mean he helps affiliates.

AM Navigator has a whole category that is for the affiliate. They even have posts from 2010 that are still relevant.

I’d recommend you check out Geno’s guide for beginners.

Charles NgoCharles Ngo

Charles Ngo started affiliate marketing because he didn’t want to become like every other american…

Working 100+ hours a month just to get by, barely any vacation time, and getting bossed around almost everyday. Sound familiar?

He has been around for several years and is undoubtably one of the leading experts in the affiliate marketing area.

Through his blog, he helps people learn how to make money through affiliate marketing.

He also provides productivity tips, which can be valuable if your one of those people who has trouble working on your own.

Dumb Passive IncomeMatthew Allen

Dumb Passive Income, cool name BTW, was created in ’12 by Matthew Allen, full time trucker, part time blogger.


Matthew posts a lot of quality information on building successful niche sites, which is why DPI is on this list.

He also, like a lot of blogs on this list, shares his income reports. This is great for people who are just starting out because it’ll inspire you and show you what life can be like if you work hard online.

Finch SellsFinch Sells

Mr. Finch, one of my favourite bloggers on this list, has been in the online marketing game since ’09.

One of the biggest reasons why I started following Finch is because he is a high school dropout. Like me!

His blog has more than 300 posts in 24 categories. But most of them have something to do with becoming a successful affiliate.

There are posts for the newbie affiliate, the intermediate, and the more experienced.

High Paying Affiliate ProgramsBill Burniece

Bill Burniece is the founder/owner of the High Paying Affiliate Programs blog (HPAP) and has been a full time internet marketing for nearly a decade.

He created HPAP because more affiliate program resources out there are/were not that good.

Today, HPAP is arguably the best resource for affiliates who need information on the hundreds of programs and networks out there. They currently have information on affiliate programs in 68 categories.

HPAP also offers training for affiliate marketing beginners for free.

Tip: Download HPAP’s Super Affiliate Handbook. You won’t be disappointed.

Human Proof DesignsDom Wells

Dominic Wells is the founder of this affiliate niche marketing site.

There are a lot of things goings on at HPD.

They offer premium products, for instance: keyword packs, done-for-you niche sites (which is amazing!), and article writing services.

I thought this was for free resources, you’re probably saying.

Well, yeah. Dom Wells and HPD also provide their readers lots and lots of free content through their blog. And everything is related to building a successful affiliate niche site.

Ian FernandoIan Fernando

Ian Fernando has been one of the most successful affiliates and entrepreneurs in the past few years.

He’s been featured in a lot of blogs related to affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship.

You can visit his blog for tips and inspiration.

IM GrindRyan and Ruck

Ralph Ruckman and Ryan Gray are the owners of this big internet marketing blog.

Ralph has been in the online game since ’07. And Ryan, he’s been online since 1998. That’s almost ancient in internet time.

With a combined experience of about 25 years, IM Grind, which is over 3 years old, blogs about all sorts of topics related to internet marketing. That includes affiliate marketing…

Which is their second biggest category with over 120 posts.

John ChowJohn Chow

This list of top affiliate marketing blogs wouldn’t be a list of top affiliate marketing blogs if it doesn’t include Mr. John Chow and JohnChow.com.

John Chow has made millions online through affiliate marketing. He’s been in the online game since the early 2000’s. And is, without a doubt, one of the most successful online entrepreneurs ever.

Niche HacksStuart Walker

This has got to be my favourite internet marketing blog EVER.

Stuart Walker, the owner, and his team of professional writers pump out quality content on a weekly basis in several different categories, including our main interest here: affiliate marketing.

Niche Hacks’ other categories include: Amazon, email marketing, niche research, SEO, traffic, and more.

All together, it adds up to nearly 200 blog posts (Sept. 2015) which are all very much related to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Tip: Stuart offers a list of more than 1700 niches for free.

Niche PursuitsSpencer Haws

Spencer Haws, the owner of Niche Pursuits, is a master when it comes to build affiliate niche sites. He owns dozens of niche sites and makes money with Google AdSense and Amazon, mostly.

Spencer started Niche Pursuits a few years ago, back in  ’11, and has about 200 posts, including nearly 70 podcasts.

Niche Site AzonNSA Mike Bradford

This is a site that was created by Mike Bradford, who is awesome at creating income with Amazon niche sites.

On the NSA blog, Mike shares his strategies to building a successful affiliate niche site. He also shares income reports.

Incredible blog, man.

Missy WardMissy Ward

The Affiliate Marketing Swiss Army Knife herself, Missy Ward is one of the biggest names in affiliate marketing, and online marketing in general.

Her affiliate blog, MissyWard.com, started in ’08, 9 years after she got into the online affiliate world.

Sugar RaeRae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman, aka Sugar Rae, is an affiliate marketing veteran. She’s been online for more than 14 years.

She blogs about affiliate marketing, SEO, and other topics related to online success.

Her blog is made up of about 200 posts, and a third of them are in the affiliate marketing category.

Shoe MoneyJeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker. Ah. He’s probably one of the most successful people ever in making money online, in general.

His blog has been name the Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and has been in Technorati’s Top 50 for 3 years. That’s amazing. He even has a whole Wikipedia page about him!

Jeremy has tons of posts about affiliate marketing, so be sure to put this one on your “to-read-list”.

Tricia MeyerTricia Meyer

Tricia Meyer’s affiliate marketing blog is another blog I’ve been hanging out a lot at.

This blog has about 150 blog posts in total. And 100 of them are in the affiliate marketing category.

Tricia also shares her experiences at the Affiliate Summit, which is the largest affiliate marketing conference in the world, as mentioned above.

Tip: Be sure to sign up for her 30 Tips in 30 Days. They’re awesome!

Viper ChillGlen Viper Chill

Viper Chill was created by Glen A., who is a super successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

I’ve been following this guy for about a year, mostly because we’re almost the same age (early 20’s). And that gives me a lot of motivation.


Glen shares a lot of what he’s learned about online marketing on Viper Chill to help his readers.

What Does Joe ThinkJoe Sousa

Joe Sousa is the founder of this affiliate marketing blog. He started it back in ’09 to help merchants manage better affiliate programs and to help affiliates become better affiliates.

He’s published more than 100 posts, so there is a lot to read here.

I recommend you check out his posts about the affiliate marketing events he attends. They’re a fun read. And it’ll get you motivated as well.

Work in my PajamasKim Rowley

Kim Rowley is the proud owner of this amazing blog. And she earns a full time income with affiliate marketing.

Kim’s WIMP blog has been around since ’06, and it’s got hundreds of blog posts. A lot of great content here.

Definitely a blog worth checking out.

Zac JohnsonZac Johnson

Arguably the super-est of all super affiliates, Zac Johnson is a man of almost 20 years of online and affiliate marketing.

Zac’s made millions through affiliate marketing and is worth following and learning from him.

He’s published hundreds of blog posts related to affiliate success. He does podcast interviews of industry experts. And above all else, he teaches his readers how to do what he does – make money.


Following and staying connected with these amazing affiliate marketing blogs will definitely help you get a good look at the affiliate marketing game.

And you never know…

Maybe one day you’ll become friends with some of these super affiliates.

Last words of advice…

  • Don’t ever copy and paste any of their content into yours. That would be a huge mistake. Always write your own stuff, OK?
  • Sign up to their newsletters / email lists. This is where a lot of these bloggers share their best content.
  • Download every piece of free content they offer, these include: ebooks, reports, and more. These always have a ton of value.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact them via email or their contact page when you need help. They’re all friendly and are willing to help.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below.

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Julian is a blogger, an affiliate, and a niche explorer. He loves everything in internet marketing. He also runs other blogs, such as Blogging Aid, where you can go to learn how to take your blog to the next level. You can also find him sharing tips and resources on Twitter. So check him out.

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