100+ Highly Profitable Niche Ideas for 2019: The Ultimate List

Niche Ideas: The Ultimate List

Affiliate marketing has become one of the go-to monetization methods for many websites out there.

Why? For one, it's easier than most other methods. For example, you wouldn't have to create your own products and deal with everything that comes with it. Such as shipping and packaging.

Another reason for it being so popular is the passive income. If you had two things, 1) a quality website that gets thousands of visitors, and 2) a top notch product with a recurring commission rate.

A recurring commission rate means you would get paid every month or year (sometimes quarterly), so long as the customer keeps paying for the product.

One more major reason why affiliate marketing is popular is you could go into any niche market or industry you want. It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a nobody. It doesn't even matter if you don't know a single thing about it.

In this post, we will give you the ultimate list of niche ideas.

Let's get started.

100+ Profitable Niche Ideas

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Automotive Niche Ideas

  • Car Care Products and Techniques, and the costs.
  • Keeping the engine and fuel system healthy and efficient.
  • Which engine oils to use for which type of cars?
  • Car washing and detailing.
  • Customization ideas for the interior and exterior of cars.
  • Modification parts, the specifications and prices etc..
  • The most preferred and affordable sound systems for cars.
  • How to fix minor issues in your car (troubling door locks, heating/cooling, dim headlights/broken tail light etc.)
  • Car accessories and performance optimization tools.
  • Car insurance.

Clothing and Apparel Niche Ideas

  • Outfits and accessories for exercising and physical sports.
  • Customized t-shirts, pendants, bandanas etc. (quite trending these days).
  • How to sell and purchase used clothing and accessories.
    The most favourite colours of the season, colour combinations etc.
  • The best rated brands of clothing and accessories.
  • Formal/Casual suits for men (along with ties, the colour combination between tie and the suit, what suit to wear at a certain events).
  • Latest designer prints for Women, stitching design ideas etc.
  • Shoes for men and women, trending shoe styles, pricing, shoes for children, what type of shoes to wear at casual and formal events etc.
  • Artificial jewelry, necklace, bracelets, wrist watches, hand bags etc.

Computer Niche Ideas

  • Protection from viruses, spywares and malwares.
  • Best antivirus software.
  • Which internet companies are preferred?
  • Email services and their pros and cons.
  • Getting rid of spam mails and keeping your email accounts protected.
  • How to keep yourself secure from hackers.
  • Data backup and recovery tools.
  • The most essential software’s you must have.
  • Software giants (Microsoft, Adobe etc.) and their products.
  • How to fix typical software and hardware issues.
  • Which printers would suit your printing requirements?
  • Purchasing the right output device for your computer.
  • Upgrading your computer for better performance.
  • Graphic cards, Motherboards, Processors, Sound cards.

Education Niche Ideas

  • Educational institutes (rankings of schools, colleges and universities, educational history and reputation of institutes, what institute should your children go to, affordable institutes etc.)
  • Authors/publications (finest publications, well reputed and skilled authors, books and publications worth reading, best helping books and guides).
  • Exam preparation (How to prepare for examinations, effective techniques, how to create efficient study schedules).
  • Extra tuitions (Where to get tuitions from, how to study after school/university, self-studying and group studying techniques).

Electronics and Appliances Niche Ideas

  • Cooling appliance such as refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, fridges (top manufacturers, prices, features and sizes).
  • Heating appliances such as heaters, geezers, ovens, microwaves, stoves, kettles (prices, manufacturers, features etc).
  • Televisions, LCD, LED (which one to choose, which manufacturer is the best, what are the prices and features of various models).
  • DVD players, Blue-ray players, Sound system, home theaters, headsets (Different make and models, prices and their features).
  • Cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners, blowers, washers etc.
  • Lights and chandeliers (prices, standard features, sizes).

Health, Nutrition, and Food Niche Ideas

  • How to lose weight for men/women.
  • Diet plans.
  • Nutrition availability in various fruits and vegetables.
  • Weight gaining techniques and diets.
  • Harmful food items and drinks.
  • Recipes for a variety of dishes.
  • Muscle gaining and mass gaining diets.
  • Natural treatments using controlled diets for ailments.
  • Restaurants and food points that must be visited at least once.
  • Best food points in your area.
  • Special treats and recipes that are must to try.
  • Seasonal essence of fruits and vegetables.
  • Fitness exercises and diets.
  • Gym routines and diet plans for various body types.
  • Low carb-diets.
  • Low fat diets.

Here are a few others you might be interested in. Quick note, they aren't exactly perfect fits for this niche category. But it's the closest one there is.

Check them out:

  • Yoga (why is yoga healthy, best yoga techniques, how to create a fine yoga routine, following some of the best yoga teachers in your area).
  • Aerobics (keeping body fit with aerobics, benefits of aerobics, diets prescribed for aerobics etc).
  • Dancing (different dance styles and techniques, dos and don’ts of dancing, where to find suitable dance music, which dance choreographers to follow).

Home Décor Niche Ideas

  • Wall paint, wallpapers, decals (different themes, color combinations, type of paints such as matte and emulsion, trending colors, creating a balanced outlook, wallpaper and decal designs, prices etc.)
  • Carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds (what would suit your setup, what is trending, what design or color to choose, material quality and standards, manufacturers, variety of sizes and prices).
  • Tiles, marbles, flooring (latest trends in flooring, materials, shades, vendors, styles, pricing).
  • Decoration pieces (Flower vases, corner pieces, decorative lights, photo frames, artistic décor, wall hangings) where to install them, how much do they cost, what are the preferred vendors.
  • Table cloth, table mats, books racks etc.

Mobile Phone Niche Ideas

  • Latest arrivals (what are the latest cell phones/smart phones available, what features should you go for, what brand provides a better experience, which smart phone is the new trend etc).
  • Protection and insurance (Cell phone covers/cases, protectors, insurance, warranties, repairing solutions, customized covers/cases etc).
  • Operating software (iOS or Android, which offers more features, better user interface, updates and improved features).
  • Applications (highest rated apps, favorite apps, the most trending apps, purchasing app features, customization apps, hot favorite games, photography and utility apps, music & video apps).
  • Wallpapers (Cool wallpapers, creating your own themes, free android themes, favorite and trending wallpapers, backgrounds etc).
  • Cell phone accessories (Cell phones accessories, their prices, car cellphone accessories, chargers/battery replacement solutions, what are the most convenient and quality ear phones).
  • Used Cell phones (sale and purchase of used cell phones, prices of used cell phones, depreciation values, demand, condition etc).

News and Media Niche Ideas

  • News (the latest news, breaking news, celebrity news, what is going on in the sports sector, what have the scientists discovered or invented, what are the weather conditions, political situations around the world, record breaking events, award ceremonies etc).
  • Advertisements (what are key elements of effective advertising, how balanced should the advertisement be between audio and visual aid, how to create sensible ads, how to make ads go viral).
    Movies and TV series (latest movie releases, Ratings for Movies and TV series, What shows/movies to watch, which movie/show made a fortune, top rankings).
  • Music (Top rated music artists, latest music singles, billboard ratings, top charts, highest grossing albums, which albums flopped and which went hit).
  • Educational programs (What are the most educating shows/channels, what should kids watch, learning about the nature and environment, online educational courses etc).

Online Marketing Niche Ideas

  • Making money with affiliate marketing.
  • Make money blogging.
  • Make money freelance writing.
  • Make money creating and selling online courses.
  • Content marketing, how to create quality content, creating viral content.
  • Search engine optimization, link building, SEO copywriting.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Email Marketing, list building lead generation.
  • Blogging/Marketing Tools – reviews, comparisons, tutorials.
  • WordPress reviews and tutorials.

Sports and Outdoors Niche Ideas

  • Sports gear and equipment (hockey, baseball, etc).
  • Sports fan blog.
  • Sports memorabilia.
  • Outdoor gear reviews and tutorials.
  • Survival.
  • Camping.
  • Hiking/Backpacking.
  • Hunting/Fishing.

Video Game Niche Ideas

  • Best Xbox/PS4/PC/etc games.
  • Retro gaming (Sega, N64, etc).
  • Gaming headsets.
  • Gaming chairs.
  • PC gaming setup.
  • PC builds.
  • Video game accessories.

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Wrapping it up

I know there are thousands of other niche markets out there, literally, but I felt these were some of the most trending and highest paying niches for website owners and bloggers.

Developing your content around them can help you yield considerate profits by attracting enormous traffic.

I will, however, add more niche ideas to this list in the future.

Need help choosing your niche?

No problem. Here are 2 places to start:

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!


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