What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

What is Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a real way to make money “on the line” (online lol) then I think you have chosen the right way to do it. Affiliate marketing really is one of the most affordable ways to earn a living.

So. . .

In this post, we will be looking at some of the most asked questions in affiliate marketing, like:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Does it really work?
  • How does it work?
  • Can you really make money in affiliate marketing?
  • How much money can you make?
  • What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing?
  • How to get started in affiliate marketing?
  • and more. . .

Let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing? – How it All Works

Affiliate marketing is when an online business or company signs people up to sell/promote their products and in return give them a percentage.

An affiliate can make as low as 1% per sale to as high as 75% (depending on the company’s commissions rates, of course). Sometimes there are even businesses that pay affiliates 100%.

So basically, affiliate marketing is a relationship between THREE different parties:

  • The Affiliate/Publisher – This is the guy who does all the promoting and selling.
  • The Merchant/Advertiser – This guy is the one who is the owner of the product or service and is the one who PAYS the affiliates/publishers.
  • The Consumer (customer) – And this guy is the one who clicks on the affiliate’s links and ORDERS the product from the merchant.

Affiliate marketing gives a chance for regular people to make money online AND is also great for big/medium business owners and companies because they can sign people up to sell and promote their goods instead of hiring expensive salesman.

So, it’s a win-win for everybody…

  • The companies and businesses don’t have to hire salesmen and pay them a salary = WIN
  • The affiliates get a chance to make big bucks without spending a whole lotta moolah = WIN
  • And the consumer buys from the affiliate’s own recommendations = WIN

How do You Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

I’m going to try to explain this as quick as I can…

There are 2 different “types”:

  1. You build a niche website and promote products.
  2. You use affiliate marketing as one income stream.
Let’s talk about the first one…

First, you would choose a niche. In other words, pick a topic, product, or a specific group of people.

Next, they would think of a domain name that would fit well with the niche they have chosen and then build their website or blog.

Everybody knows that you really need a website or blog for an online business these days.

And then after you’ve got your site all setup, you’d start looking for some affiliate programs and networks. After you’ve found one that fits with your site, you’d join and promote the product using your affiliate link.

Next, you’re going to need some traffic.

Getting people to visit your site will be the harder part of it all. But, there are a few ways to do this, like:

  • Google and other search engines – creating content that the search engines will rank in their results pages.
  • Social Media – promoting your site on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.
  • Advertise – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Paying other sites to place your ad on their site, etc.
  • And more.
The other one, using affiliate marketing as one income stream:

You’d already have a blog with a good amount of traffic flowing through.

And the way you’d earn is….

You’d find a product that would solve one of your readers’ problems. Then you’d join the affiliate program and promote the product to your audience.

You’d use certain affiliate marketing strategies that are proven to generate sales.

That’s basically it.

Can Anyone Make Money in Affiliate Marketing (Does it Really Work)? – How Much Money Does it Cost?

You betcha!

People from all over the world are into affiliate marketing because it really is one of the cheapest ways to start a money making website.

You would only need to buy a website and hosting which would cost you about $10 – $20. Not bad at all. I mean, comparing to any other business, you would have to spend thousands of dollars just to get started, eh!

And the cheap part isn’t even the best part, in my opinion. Why? ANYONE CAN DO IT.

If you’re a teenager, you can do this. If you’re an older (50+ year old) person, you can do this. If you have no money you can do this.

Hell, even if you have no education you can make this work. How do I know? I’m living proof (I never went passed 10th grade).

How Much Money Can Someone Make?

what is affiliate marketing money image

This is really up to you. You can make 50$ per month, $100 per month, $1000 per month, even $100,000 per month. It really all comes down to what you do. I’ve seen many people make 5-6 figures because they work harder than their competition.

So. . .

Will you work hard?  Yes. Then the sky is the limit.

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing? – Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

Learning affiliate marketing in 2016 comes down to the following 2 ways:

  1. Get someone to coach you (a mentor) – It will be a whole lot easier for you to learn and make money if you get someone who is an expert (or at least knows a lot on) in the AM field. Why? Because they know! They will show you what to do and what NOT to do. Simple.
  2. Look for high-quality training – BEWARE. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online scams out there taking money outta people who don’t have a lot of it. Believe me, I’ve been there a few times. But, there are some real legit training programs out there. You’ll just have to do some research. (Here’s one called Wealthy Affiliate)

If you are still asking yourself, “what is affiliate marketing,” then contact me (julian@affilimarketer.com). And if you have any questions or comments, keep on scrolling. Leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Julian is a blogger, an affiliate, and a niche explorer. He loves everything in internet marketing. He also runs other blogs, such as Blogging Aid, where you can go to learn how to take your blog to the next level. You can also find him sharing tips and resources on Twitter. So check him out.

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